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Welcome to My Survival Stash

My Survival Stash is one of the premier suppliers of products that would be required in the event of a disruption of our normal way of life. Whether it's weather related or some type of other emergency. We have gone to great lengths to supply the best quality Freeze Dried food, dehydrated food, and spray dried food available. We also handle products for people with Celiac disease along with a line of products for diabetics and vegetarians, We take pride in supplying what we feel is the best food products in the market. We welcome custom orders.

My Survival Stash is also a Kohler Generator dealer, again, what we feel is the best of the best in home generators. We sell, install, and service the Kohler generators and have been a Kohler Dealer for over 10 years with hundreds of satisfied customers.

My Survival Stash has water filtration and water storage products also. We carry the Aqua Pail and water bricks. Take a minute and view a few of the video's on u-tube, I know that you will be impressed!

When browsing our web site, you will see freeze dried, dehydrated, and spray dried food from a number of suppliers. Each has its place in the market. Whether you are going camping, hiking, or caught up in a weather related emergency, we have the products that would work best for short term or for a more extended period of time. There are many that aren't comfortable unless they have at least a one year supply of food on hand for their family and loved ones, I am one of those people. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or for assistance if you need help planning.

We do have a dealer program available with some of our food product lines, email me for additional information.


Thank you,

Rick Tolliver



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